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Manage Asset and Maintenance Digitally in Packaging Industry

Amcor Limited is an Australian-based multinational packaging company.
It produces flexible and rigid packaging, mainly for the food, beverage, health care, and tobacco industries. Amcor products protect food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, personal, home and personal care goods.

Asset and Maintenance Management


Amcor has maintenance management and spare part management operations. Amcor manages maintenance operations/assignments via phone and manages spare parts inventory on paper-based documents.

Amcor’s challenges are as follows:

  1. Using paper-based records to manage asset and maintenance management operations,

  2. Using phone as a channel to assign maintenance tasks,

  3. Having no maintenance cost calculations,

  4. Having no reports on maintenance operations,

  5. Having no system to manage spare parts inventory.



Bimser implements BEAM at Amcor locations. BEAM system is configured based on Amcor’s staff, products, vendors, locations, assets, failure reasons data.

When BEAM gets implemented at Amcor’s locations to have following benefits and services from BEAM:

  • Monitoring status of all the assets at Amcor locations,

  • Assigning maintenance orders via BEAM,

  • Using graphical asset tree report for monitoring,

  • Managing spare parts on BEAM.


Time to Implement

4 – 5 months (2 months for asset tree designation)


  1. Digitally managing assets and maintenance management operations,

  2. Managing maintenance management schedules on BEAM,

  3. Having reports on maintenance operations and calculating/managing maintenance costs,

  4. BEAM helps Amcor reduce maintenance costs,

  5. Managing spare parts inventory with a permission system along with a barcode reading system to have optimum level of inventory.

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