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The Bimser International partner program offers several types of partnerships that align with the way you run your business today. Joining the rapidly expanding global Bimser International partner network will open up a broad spectrum of business opportunities for your organization – because literally every company, in every industry, within every line of business – needs enterprise content management.  And did we mention we are easy to partner with? We are 100% indirect, channel focused – so say goodbye to channel conflicts. 

Partner Benefits:

  • Ground-floor opportunity with a top-shelf international business process automation platform at the best TCO.

  • Recurring revenue opportunities for software, services and support.

  • Industry or process-specific co-development opportunities to define and create reseller niche market.

  • Bimser International marketing, sales and product training free of charge.

  • Lead referrals from Bimser’s event and online marketing efforts.

  • Dedicated partner enablement teams to assist you with PoC and implementation efforts.

  • Dedicated global support organization ready to troubleshoot any partner and customer tickets.

  • Receptive product management eager to learn and apply your product input and suggestions.

  • Partner portal for lead tracking and sales enablement collateral.

Partner Requirements:

Since we are 100% channel focused it’s vital that our business partners have the right blend of capabilities, dedication and drive to succeed. Our ideal partner profile looks as follows:

  • Your core business model centers around enterprise application software sales and/or services.

  • You have at least 5 full-time employees and a minimum of 10 mid or large enterprise customers.

  • A majority of your customers run various enterprise applications such as ERPs and CRMs.

  • You have at least 3 years expertise in your respective field of specialization.

  • Your resources combine solid business process knowledge with software implementation skills.

  • You have expertise with, or are receptive to incremental and recurring channel revenue.

Are you interested in becoming a channel partner of Bimser International?

We take channel partnership very seriously. If you are interested in becoming a channel partner of Bimser International, Feel free to write to our Managing Director Kevin Devecioglu directly at

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