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Cannabis App powered by WorkFlow AnyWare

erpCannabis App powered by WFA is built on WFA Low/Code Business WorkFlow Management Platform that is a powerful enterprise content management platform.

erpCannabis is a Seed-To-Sale App helps "Cannabis" and also "Hemp" companies manage business processes, regulatory compliance requirements and facility maintenance management (periodic/preventive/predictive/brake-down maintenance) operations digitally:


erpCannabis is modular! It means you can pick and choose the part of the software according to your operations and budget :)

Some of the modules of erpCannabis are following:

  • Customer onboarding,

  • Vendor onboarding,

  • Employee onboarding,

  • Process manufacturing management,

  • Lab test result records management, 

  • Tagging, tracking, reporting,

  • Packaging management,

  • Shipping and labeling management according to compliance requirements,

  • A/P management,

  • A/R management,

  • Purchasing management,

  • Regulatory reporting,

  • Facility asset/equipment management,

  • Facility maintenance management (periodic/preventive/predictive maintenance),

  • Facility energy management,

  • Document management,

  • Records management,

  • CAPA management,

  • Non-conformity management,

  • Audit management,

  • Risk management,

  • Waste management,

  • Incident management,

  • Training management,

  • Survey management,

  • PPE management,

  • Management review,

  • GMP records and compliance management,

  • Lessons Learned management,

  • Change management,

  • Root-Cause Analysis,

  • Supplier evaluation management,

  • ISO 9011 records and compliance management,

  • ISO 14001 records and compliance management,

  • and many more.


erpCannabis offers workflow approvals/notifications/escalations/reminders according to your company’s internal structure and hierarchy. Approvals can be traced in workflow history.

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