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Manage Work Flows, Documents and Contracts Digitally in Automotive Industry

In 1994, Nissan was the first Japanese carmaker to establish a regional headquarters in the Middle East, when it setups an office in Dubai under the name of “Nissan Middle East FZE”. Today, Nissan Middle East operations span over 22 countries from Azerbaijan to Yemen and from Turkey to Turkmenistan.

I - eBA Workflow & Document Management



Nissan runs a lot of In-house projects and deals with lot of vendors to their project. When the projects are prepared, all the budgets are maintained in traditional excel sheets and upload the same to a third party application.

Following are the challenges of Nissan:

  1. Budgets approval has no tracking, every approval is via e-mail.

  2. Decision Form is raised in third party application to block the budgets for the project. However, there are no tracking or approval matrix available.

  3. Procurement team is unable to via the Decision Form during approval to negotiate with vendor for pricing.

  4. Purchase Order/Invoice requisition is through third party application.



Experion Technology MEA (One of our strategic partner) implements eBA Workflow and Document Management at Middle East. With eBA Workflow Management, all the tasks from budget approval until invoice to SAP integration is made easy and transparent to the users of all departments.

Time to Implement

3 – 5 months


Faster leave request approvals, improved user experience and elimination of manual HR data upload.

II-Contract Management


What is Achieved:

  1. Budget is approved by the relevant stakeholders, if rejected, the budget is revised or reallocated.

  2. Decision Forms are now linked to budget; hence users are aware of the remaining budget-amount available for their divisions before raising a budget for their particular projects.

  3. Procurement team has easy access to view Decision Forms, which helps them raise a RFP for a project and invite more vendors to participate and get the best rates to execute the project. All these are tracked and managed on eBA.

  4. Purchase Order process is made easy. eBA helps users see the budgets approved and raise PO’s accordingly.

  5. Invoices raised by vendors are tracked and matched against each Purchase Order with milestones of work completion.

  6. Invoices are approved by finance team and as eBA has integration with SAP a seamless posting of transactions are almost immediate post to the approval from finance.


Time to Implement

3 – 5 months


  1. Increasing the productivity of maintaining all approvals for different processes in one application, thanks to eBA Workflow Management.

  2. Stopping pure e-mail based unstructured communications between line managers and budget controllers.

  3. Over head of managing multiple applications to run different processes is reduced significantly.

  4. More transparency between all parties and planning/reporting made easy.

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