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Manage Operations and Compliance Digitally in Cannabis Industry

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ERP Data and Document Management


To effectively manage the business, the owners knew that an ERP platform was needed that would not only support the operations but also provide for financial reporting that would satisfy the owners and potential investors as well as meet the needs of employees and management.

The challenge was to have access to an integrated business software platform that includes operations, human resources and financial management. However, since PLS has a small staff along with high levels of turnover, the use of an integrated ERP solution would only be possible if it could be provided in an affordable, user friendly way.


The ERP Cannabis solution was developed to address the complex operational and financial requirements for PLS and the cannabis industry in general. In addition, the eBA solution was utilized to provide a user friendly environment to include simple forms for data input, workflow to manage notifications and approvals and document management to store critical business documents by business process.  The solution is accessible on a cloud-based platform that provides for mobile and remote access so that employees are able to interact with the solution anytime, anywhere. The eBA solution provides a very flexible platform that can be further developed as needed to support the changing regulatory environment and increased sophistication of the user base as the industry continues to mature and consolidate.

Time to Implement

1 month once all data/requirements have been received


  1. Increased efficiency in managing business operations

  2. Ability to accruately capture critical financial data across all areas

  3. Provide an audit trail of business transactions and documents to increase accountability and effectiveness of staff

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